Bouquets with Bling


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We provide Wrist corsages, Dress corsages or Clutch Bag Flowers for your special guests. These usually have Bling in them also!!

Choose from our special Wrist bands in Sparkling Diamante Rhinestones or Cream Pearls. Made using fresh flowers, and with sparkling details.

Prices start at $35 

What is a Wrist Corsage?

A corsage is either a large flower or small flowers joined in a band that is worn on the wrist by a woman, think of it as bracelet made of flowers. Corsages are commonly worn at weddings, formals, race day, or any special occasion wear you might be required to dress up or wear formal attire.

A traditional corsage is pinned to the front of the dress. Wrist corsages may often take the place of a traditional corsage due to the fact that some prefer not to deal with pins.

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